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At Delivering Hope, our Vision is for every child to have a pathway free of roadblocks, ensuring today's children
can grow into tomorrow's successful leaders. A child's heart, mind and body must receive proper nutrition, educational opportunities, and a loving support system to be able to reach their full potential. Delivering Hope will provide nutrition,
support, and caring to achieve this Vision, starting one child and one community at a time.


Our mission at Delivering Hope is to provide food assistance to children in need, support educational programs
for children and offer support to any child striving to meet their full potential.

Core Values

  • Integrity - to practice true, honest and ethical behavior in everything we do
  • Community - to reach out and support those in need one child and one community at a time
  • Accountability - to operate in a professional and effective manner to ensure every dollar is well spent and we are
    valuing our volunteer's time
  • Reliability - to be dependable, trustworthy and supportive of all our actions
  • Encouraging - other people and children to reach their potential and have a positive impact on their community

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Kristen Sobanski
Founder and President


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