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Kristen Sobanski

Kristen Sobanski
Co Founder and President

Kristen Sobanski is a mother of three wonderful children, a certified Project Management Professional, and passionate about helping children. Kristen has always had the drive to help others and her community as well as the desire to continuously grow and improve both personally and professionally. Having children has further ignited Kristen's desire to give back to the community, particularly to helping children learn and grow. By founding Delivering Hope in 2014 with the mission to feed children's minds and bodies, Kristen is doing just that. Kristen is a motivated and detail oriented project manager that is always highly engaged in each project in which she is involved. She is at home managing large and small scale scope, schedule and budgets, in addition to aligning teams through highly effective communication skills. Kristen is a great team player who embodies excellent active listening skills and ensures everyone's voice is heard to gain project consensus and ensure success. In addition to founding Delivering Hope, Kristen also currently works as the Project Manager for Deviate, LLC. Prior to Deviate, Kristen worked as a Sr. Project Manager for Menlo Worldwide Logistics where she led several successful, large scale implementation projects for key clients across multiple industries. Kristen holds both an undergraduate degree focusing on Business Logistics and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University.


Eric Sobanski
Co Founder and President

Eric Sobanski is a father of three, a PhD in Industrial Engineering, and an executive with Menlo Logistics. Eric's passion for learning, continuous improvement and teaching has guided his personal and professional successes fostering growth in himself, his family, and his community. After becoming a father two years ago and beginning to learn more about community schools and children's success factors his eyes were opened to the hunger epidemic in the US. The correlations between hunger and learning have ignited Eric's passion for having a positive impact on children in the community. Supporting Kristen through founding the charity Delivering Hope, Eric wants to have a positive impact by achieving the vision of feeding children's minds and bodies. In addition to being on the board of Delivering Hope, Eric is a Senior Director for Menlo Logistics. Eric's primary responsibilities include the development and implementation of strategy in emerging markets and services for Menlo Logistics customers. Eric also teaches several graduate courses for Oklahoma State University through the distance learning program. Eric earned multiple Industrial Engineering degrees, a Bachelor's of Science from Kettering University, a Master's of Science and Doctorate from Oklahoma State University. Additionally, Eric recently earned a Masters of Science from the National Defense University in Washington, DC in National Resource Strategy. During the program at NDU, Eric was an Industrial Fellow working besides the nations brightest active duty military personnel providing a business insight into the program. Eric's learning agility has helped him continue to succeed personally, professionally and within the community.


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Kristen Sobanski
Founder and President


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